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The overwhelming joy of singing, the genuine dedication and enthusiasm, the fascinating powerful voice, that is Richard Broadnax, that is pure Gospel und Blues.

Having already participated in various Gospel choirs since early childhood, Richard moved on to some of the greater international stages as lead singer of the Jackson Singers, popular in the 90’s. Since 1997 Richard Broadnax lives in Zurich and peforms with his bands The Zion Gospel Singers and The Goldtooth Blues Band.

From performing live for European audience to broadcasting over the radio signals in the USA, Richard Broadnax has captivated the listeners with his warm and soulful voice. With his ability to reach out to all people through music, his natural charisma and stage presence, Richard Broadnax moves the crowd with the world of Gospel and Blues music. Included in his repertoire are the very beloved and traditional songs, some Soul influenced interpretations, as well as original Gospel and Blues music of his own.

Whether on stage at a concert hall or in the more personal sphere of private events, whether performing for a television broadcast or in the church, Richard Broadnax is a music experience of international caliber. Moving, motivating, fascinating – unforgettable for young and old.

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